SKU CR321263

3/16" 100 Degree Flush Head Cherrymax Rivet, Grip Range 0.126‚ 0.187 - Nominal

Pkg Qty: 25
  • Fully serrated stem with break notch, shear-ring and integral grip adjustment cone
  • Driving Anvil to ensure a visible mechanical lock with each fastener installation
  • Separate, visible and inspectable locking collar that mechanically locks stem to the rivet sleeve
  • Rivet sleeve with recess in the head to receive the locking collar
  • Universal rounded head (MS20470) for applications where a protruding finish is desired
Type Cherrymax Rivet
Style 100° Flush Head
Size 3/16"
Material Alloy Steel Stem/Aluminum Sleeve
Grip Range 0.126–0.187
Head Style 100° Flush Head
Sleeve Material 5056 Aluminum
Stem Material 8740 Alloy Steel/Cadmium Plated, Type II Grade/Class 2
Lock Collar Material Corrosion Resistant Steel/Passivated
Shear Strength 50,000 psi
Hole Limits 0.192 – 0.197
Blind Clearance 0.415
Max Temp 250° F
NAS Part No. NAS9302B-6-03