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Attention all plastic injection molders, here comes HI-Line's LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant to your rescue. When we compared LPS to an alternative (pictured below), PPE – Rust Preventive Mold Cleaner with Fingerprint Acid Neutralizer, we believe our LPS 1 would do an as good, if not better job! Also, a second mold and die protector, that LPS1 can replace is Crown Corrosion Suppressant also pictured below.

LPS1 prevents rust and has solvent additives that neutralize fingerprint acid. Also, LPS1 has a high flash point, which is an added safety feature for employees when working around hot metals. Spray some LPS1 into a glass jar and then throw in a lighted match, you will see there is no flash. The flashpoint of LPS1 is 175° F dispensed liquid. Hi-Line part # ASL1