Property Class 10.9 and 8.8 Cap Screws are produced to meet the chemical and mechanical requirements of ISO 898/1, ATSM F568M and SAE J1199. We have also produced metric cap screws to Property Class 9.8 and 12.9 properties. Dimensions are per ASME (ANSI)

B18.2.3.1M, which are basically identical to ISO 4014/4017 and DIN 931/933. Cap Screws are designed to hit the dimensions of all three specification series except for M10, M12, and M14 products. The width-across-flats is 1mm larger for DIN than for ANSI or ISO in these three sizes. DIN 931/933 are German specifications, revised in 1987, which were intended to be withdrawn by July 1, 1992, at the latest. There is still a considerable customer demand for product manufactured to DIN 931/933, so availability is there for the M10 through M14 with head dimensions (width-across-flats) to either ANSI/ISO or DIN dimensional requirements.