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No.105 Motor Assembly Grease

Pkg Qty: 1
  • A smooth light-bodied grease that contains a zinc-oxide anti-wear additive made especially for motor assembly and engine rebuilding
  • This product prevents “dry start.”
  • It provides necessary lubrication during initial startup before the motor oil has circulated, thereby preventing damage from scuffing, scoring, and friction
  • Protects freshly machined engine parts from rust and corrosion
Saftey Data Sheet (PDF)
Type Grease
Style Motor Assembly
Size 10 oz
Color White
Flash Point 182°C (359.6°F)
Viscosity (40°C (104°F)): 0.58 cm2/s (58 cSt)
Application Engine and Transmission rebuilding, Plain bearings, Chassis lube, Concrete form release, Water pumps, O-rings
VOC Content NA
Specific Gravity 0.89 to 0.93