Our silver bearing solder paste in easy to use with its no mess, no waste syringe. It is soldering made easy – the skill is in the paste. Made from premium refined powdered metals. Flux is blended in, no additional flux required. It works with the heat of a torch or soldering iron. Low melting point – flows smoothly at 430°F. Our silver bearing solder paste will join 22 different combinations of metals. Five times as strong as ordinary solder. Finished joint is bright silver, and won’t tarnish or blacken. It is great for electronics, wiring, connectors, and circuit boards. Silver bearing solder paste repairs copper, brass, bronze, nickel, platinum, chrome, coated steel, cast iron and steel.


  • A Silver Bearing Solder-Flux-Paste alloy which is self-cleaning, self-tinning and joining all in one easy operation.
  • Simply deposit on a piece to be soldered and heat!
  • Jobs are done FASTER, BETTER, SAFER, and more ECONOMICALLY!


  • Easy to use, no skill required
  • Fast & Neat, no messy additional flux or waste
  • Quick easy tinning action


  • Five times stronger than conventional wire solder
  • Flows freely with the heat of a torch, soldering iron, or match. Reaches where other solders cannot
  • Can be used on almost any metals including stainless steel
  • 10,000-25,000 PSI tensile strength
  • Melting Temperature- 430F(reduces problem of metal distortion), Re-melt Temperature- 650F
  • Finish joint is silver
  • Prevents soldering failure due to jarring or moving of parts while soldering because of instant setting


  • Non-Toxic, no lead, cadmium, or antimony or zinc
  • Conforms to all pure food laws
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Corrosion resistant


Use exact amount of product needed to accomplish job- no wasteful dripping of wire heated wire solder and unnecessary flux.


All types of joints in Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Copper base metals and steels. Ideal for stainless food handling equipment because the solder conforms to pure food laws. Deposits stay bright and do not turn black. Excellent for electrical work and instrument assembly where high electrical conductivity and strength are required. Great corrosion resistance and color match to stainless steel.


Clean joint area (preferably with stainless steel brush). Push syringe plunger to apply paste along base metal joint area. With flame 2” to 3” from surface, evenly heat the work piece. Avoid playing flame on solder paste until flow temperature is reached. Then, with top of flame at joint area, direct the flow of paste along length of joint area. Allow to cool and wash flux residue off using warm soapy water and a stiff brush.


Compare Silver Paste to Wire Solder


  1. Mixed in flux – no prefluxing
  2. Will not blacken or tarnish – Corrosion Resistant
  3. High tensile strength – 5 times stronger
  4. Passes Pure Food Laws
  5. Will join 22 combinations of metal – all but aluminum, pot metal, and magnesium
  6. High Electrical Conductivity
  7. Will flow with a match or lighter
  8. Frees a hand
  9. Can pre-place solder paste under hard to get to areas
  10. No skill required
  11. Flows freely, reaches where other solders can not
  12. Lead free, no cadmium, no zinc
  13. In some cases can be used as a substitute for silver brazing, at a fraction of the cost
  14. No waste or over-soldering


  1. Must apply flux first
  2. Poor corrosion resistance – will blacken and tarnish
  3. Low tensile strength
  4. Will not pass Pure Food Laws
  5. Joins small amounts of metals
  6. Low electrical conductivity
  7. (very difficult)
  8. Would need 3 hands to do same job
  9. Cannot accomplish
  10. Skill required
  11. Will not reach hard to get to area
  12. Most have lead
  13. Can not do
  14. Much waste and over soldering