• Articulating connections for air brake line systems (connections between towed and towing motor vehicle).
  • Tractor-to-trailer air connections used in extremely low temperatures.


  • Utilizes Synflex® Eclipse™ Air Brake Tubing patented construction (Pat. No. 6,670,004)
  • 100% polyamide construction with polyester yarn reinforcement
  • Brass end fittings with corrosion resistant spring guards

Temperature Range

Synflex Eclipse Coil Air Products stay flexible in a wide temperature range: -65°F to 200°F (-54°C to 93°C).

Standard Compliance

Meets SAE J844, Type 3B and DOT-FMVSS 106 (49 CFR 571.106).

Features / Benefits

Superior Abrasion

Resistance Abrasion tests show that Synflex Eclipse significantly outperforms rubber and Nylon11. As a result, Synflex Eclipse Coils have a longer life in the harshest environments.

Excellent Return and Coil Memory

Fast recovery from extension reduces tangling on low cab mountings.

Enhanced Flexibility and Extension

Synflex Eclipse Coils have improved flexibility over traditional nylon coils and require less force to extend. This translates into easier installation and less strain on end connectors, especially at low temperatures.

Flow Performance

The improved flow performance of Synflex Eclipse Coils over traditional nylon and rubber tractor to trailer connections enhances brake timing performance.