Aviation Windshield Cleaner & Polishing Compound

Can be used on a regular basis for cleaning and polishing all transparent plastic surfaces – coated or uncoated. This polishing compound will help improve an extremely hazy surface. Will also clean bug debris, water spots, light scratching and restore luster to the surface. Regular use of this compound will help improve water repelling & anti-static properties on transparency surfaces.  Do not allow product to freeze. NSN 7930-01-581-9933  

Tex-Whiz® is an emulsion that evenly disperses hydrated alumina with a narrow band of particle diameter. When applied with Hermitex® cloth, the abrasive particles remain suspended during the circular motion of the polishing process.

This allows a continuous and consistent introduction of abrasive particles to the surface with a well-lubricated polish matrix, leaving a luster and pristine shine the more it is used. Conversely, the bulk of competitive polishes are not emulsions so, the abrasive particles are not evenly suspended in the polish and easily settle. In addition, when these polishes are applied, the cloth absorbs a significant amount of the liquid portion of the polish so the remaining abrasive particles grind and scratch the critical surfaces.

Tex-Whiz® is simply a superior product that restores transparency surfaces and preserves the highest optical quality. An immediate difference can be seen while increasing the life of transparent polymer windows.

Tex-Whiz® is a complementary product made by Texstars, makers of military aircraft windshields. They are famous for making the F16 canopies. Tex-Whiz® has proven successful in military applications for over 20 years. One pint bottle.

Hi-Line Part Number: CHM0008